The Art of Marbling – New Workshops 2020

a stick is used to design the bouquet pattern


This course is suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Course 1:  15 and 16 May 2020
Course 2:  22 and 23 May 2020

Course 3: 29 and 30 May 2020

Course hours: Friday and Saturday, each 11:00-16:00
Course location: Staufen i. Breisgau
Participants: minimum 4, maximum 5
Tuition fees: 225 €. Payable after confirmation of registration.
Enrolments possible from now on.
Please send an email to:

Content of the course:
During this course you will learn how to produce coloured paper using the traditional marbling technique. Marbled papers are typically produced by applying liquid colours to a marbling base. A broad spectrum of patterns can be created through colouring, colour depth and arrangement. By laying a paper on the surface, the pattern is transferred once from the surface to the paper.

These classes teach the basic techniques of marbling and offer time and space for independent work.

Sequence of the course:
Day 1:
Presentation of the technique. Brief introduction to the history of marbling and the art of Ebru.
Getting to know and handling of material and tools
„Voices of color“

First practical work
Day 2:
Practicing the marbling process individually
Creation of different patterns: comb marble, wave marble, ‚Flame-Tree‘ pattern, stone marble, snail pattern, peacock pattern
Finishing (waxing, smoothing)
Advice for bookbinding work

Suitable for beginners and experienced students to practice.
More valuable papers can be brought along.
Further information:

Das Spanische Wellen Muster – ‚Spanish Waves‘

‚Spanisches Wellenmuster auf feinem ‚Kozo‘-Papier, marmoriert mit Acryltusche.
Spanish wave pattern on fine ‚Kozo‘-paper, marbled with acrylic ink.

‚Spanisches Wellenmuster auf MBM d’Arches Aquarell-Papier, marmoriert mit Acryltusche.
Spanish wave pattern on MBM d’Arches Aquarell-Paper, marbled with acrylic ink.

‚Schneckenmarmor‘ – Snailpatterns

‚Schnecken-Wirbel‘ auf einem Hintergrund aus Steinmarmor. Tusche auf feinem Japanischem ‚Kozo‘-Papier.

Neues aus der Werkstatt: Best of Marbled Linen-Fabric

Mein aktuelles Projekt: das Marmorieren von traditionellen Mustern auf altem Leinenstoff. Noch bin ich in der Experimentierphase, aber die ersten Ergebnisse sind vielversprechend.

My new project: marbling on 20th Century german vintage Linen: the colours come out really bright!

Marbled Linen-Cloth

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